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Trauma and Relationship Therapist 


Therapies offered

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All appointments are online 


Why Counselling ?

Livewell-Therapy , comes from the belief that we all have the potential to grow, to move forward at a pace that is unique to us. 

Sometimes, however,  the path that we are on becomes bumpy and rough, and we find ourselves facing challenges, loss, feelings of uncertainty or a sense of being stuck.


Counselling can be a hard and challenging process, it can also be a transformative and a fundamentally liberating experience. I have successfully supported individuals and couples through a variety of concerns whether relationship based or those affected by depression, trauma, anxiety, substance misuse, loss, suicidal ideation and low self esteem. 

My specialism is  in Trauma therapy 


At  Livewell-Therapy I believe that you are the expert on you.  To help that process I provide a confidential, non judgmental, safe space; a place where I can bring expertise to help you explore your thoughts and feelings ,and to help you understand yourself more deeply. Investing in this action enables you to move towards positive change and will help restore a balance in your life.



"Nicola has helped me gain more confidence in day to day situations. I can identify triggers and manage to deal with them better through a more developed self-awareness."

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